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  • Peppermint Tea Bar Review

    "Yerrrr! I've been using the peppermint soap and I have to say that you guys did an amazing job with this soap! I use it after my workouts in the morning and that fresh feeling you get during and after the shower is different! The only way I can explain it is like when you drink cold water after eating a breath mint lol. Not having to put lotion in my gym bag is a plus because the soap doesn't dry out my skin!! I'm getting a couple more bars bro! Thanks!"

    - @juan_more_workout

  • Citrus Peel Bar Review

    "This soap by Herbal Nuance is great! So far I've used the Citrus Peel & the Peppermint Tea and I really liked them both. The soap lathers up well and my skin doesn't feel dry after using it. I work as a tire technician part time and this soap really helps get the dirt off and leaves me with a fresh smell every time!"

    - @wiseyoungin

  • WildFlower Bar Review

    "I've used the Wildflower bar and it was good. I'm using the Peppermint Tea now, I definitely feel more refreshed than when I use Irish Spring."

    - @timwilkerson13

  • Wildflower Bar Review

    "Herbal Nuance is an amazing skin care prodcut for everyday use. It's a great cleanser and moisturizer, even for a woman!"

    - @shakeriahcook

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Why use Herbal Nuance ?

Made from only the finest ingredients..we've combined pure essential oils, natural colorants, and plant oils together to create natural soap bars that are light but peppery, bold but smooth, sweet but sultry. We know that men have specific hygenic needs, so our products are formulated with them in mind. Our handmade soap collection is specially made to cleanse and scent the body, while also providing great benefits for all types of skin.